Skyline Marketing Warns Small Businesses Must Prepare for Change Following Marketing 2020 Study Results

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A new study reveals that only about half of businesses feel prepared for the coming five years. Skyline Marketing say marketers need to focus on topping up their skills in order to get ready for changing customer expectations.

According to the Marketing 2020 study conducted by Effective Brands, only 56% of marketers feel ready for the future (Marketing Week). “This is alarming,” says Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of Skyline Marketing in Birmingham, UK. “Customer expectations are constantly changing and it looks like the trend is going to a more and more personalised experience throughout all marketing channels,” adds Jamie Talbot.

Marketing 2020 is a research project led by consultancy Effective Brands. For the survey, over 10,000 marketers and other business professional from 92 countries were surveyed. Furthermore, Effective Brands conducted interviews with more than 250 marketing chiefs from brands such as General Motors, Coca Cola and Unilever. Partners of the study are Marketing Week, ISBA, Spencer Stuart, Metrix Lab and Adobe (Marketing Week).

Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing insists that businesses need to get ready for the coming years: “With changing customer expectations, marketers need to have a look at all channels, marketing tools and techniques and the supporting technologies.” Jamie Talbot says that it is crucial for businesses to support their marketing departments and help them develop the right skills in order to be ready for the future.

In fact, the Marketing 2020 study suggests that half of marketers are getting nervous due to a lack of internal training offered. A third of the marketers questioned explain that they receive no formal training whatsoever. In the UK, 37% say they receive no marketing training (Marketing Week).

The study also reveals that only 24% of marketers receive more than three days training a year. The figure rises to 35% over marketers deemed to be ‘over performers,’ meaning those whose companies’ revenue growth is ahead of the competition. It falls however to 19% among ‘under performers’ (Marketing Week).

Jamie Talbot urges businesses to put priority on their marketing: “Brands that want to remain competitive and successful need to act now if they haven’t done it yet. The results of a good marketing campaign are often underestimated,” continues Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing. “However it has become crucial to create a marketing strategy to guarantee business growth in the future.” Businesses need to focus on providing the relevant skills to people and enable them to reduce cost and maximize sales.

Skyline Marketing, a direct sales and marketing firm based in the West Midlands, helps raise brand awareness through face-to-face sales and promotions on behalf of their clients. “We strongly focus on customer feedback, so our clients can adapt quickly to changing trends,” explains Jamie Talbot. Skyline Marketing have increased their clients’ sales and reputation significantly in the past few months and were asked to expand into further markets by the end of 2013.


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