Skyline Marketing Reviews findings of Global Entrepreneurship Survey

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With the results of the latest Global Entrepreneurship Survey released, Skyline Marketing in Liverpool reveals how the findings confirm a rise in sustainable small business growth across the globe.


The Global Entrepreneur Indicator is a bi-annual survey of nearly 6000 entrepreneurs conducted by the Entrepreneurs’ Organisation.  Compared to last year’s survey of 5 794 respondents, there is an increase in new full-time employees, entrepreneurs willingness to start a new business and an upward trend in fiscal mobility.


The main findings from the study as reported on Europe Business Review (2 April 2015) showed that in 2014, 55% of global survey respondents reported hiring full-time employees and in 2015, 56% of entrepreneurs reported full-time hiring, which is a one point increase.   Globally in 2014, 33% of survey participants reported increased access to capital, compared to 36% in 2015 and in 2014, while 68% of business owner’s worldwide reported increased revenue, in 2015, 67% reported increased revenue, a minimal drop.  In 2014, 84% of entrepreneurs globally reported a willingness to start a business, which increased to 88% in 2015. The overall findings of the survey showed that there is currently a sustainable business growth rate globally.


Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Liverpool.  The firm increase their client’s market share through innovative and cost effective direct marketing campaigns that work on a no win no fee basis. They help reduce the stress of small business owners through their outsource solutions which provide a guaranteed results and a high ROI.


The results from the study have made the firm feel more confident in their upcoming business expansion plans. Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales company that has successfully increased revenue since their commencement in 2011. The firm’s rapid growth has seen them be named one of the leaders in the direct sales and marketing industries. Founded in Birmingham, the firm have recently expanded into Liverpool, which is emerging as one of the UK’s most successful locations to start a business.


As Skyline Marketing has grown, one thing has never changed: the values that influence, inform and inspire everything they do. Based in Liverpool, the firm believe their business culture is the number one contributor to their success throughout the past four years. Skyline Marketing look ahead to 2015 and plan to further extend their market reach, grow their client portfolio and further enhance customer retention rates.



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