Skyline Marketing Reveal What Businesses Can Learn From Commonwealth Games

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With the Commonwealth Games finishing last week, Skyline Marketing reveals the key areas businesses can benefit in by taking insight from the inspirational and medal winning athletes that took part at this year’s games in Glasgow.

Skyline Marketing reveals key areas businesses can learn from the Commonwealth Games. Skyline Marketing has highlighted how, similar to sport, business shouldn’t assume that success will be continuous just because the organisation has had a good month, quarter or year. Businesses need to put in a huge amount of effort into maintaining performance because, like in the sporting world competitors will be doing everything they can to catch and overtake. Many sports stars have the mindset to treat failures as learning opportunities. It is important for businesses to take this view too, giving employees the freedom and psychological safety to not be afraid to fail, knowing that they will learn from it and come back stronger.

Another area businesses can take their inspiration from sports stars in is goal setting. Many sports men and women aim to either win at their respective sport or to set a personal best. In business it is imperative to have a vision that will inspire people but this can be similarly demoralising if there are no other goals behind the idea that make it feel feasible. Skyline Marketing advises businesses to start with their vision but then break it down into outcome, performance and process goals. Outcome goals are what you actually want to achieve. Performance goals are next to this; these are the measurable things that help achieve the outcome goal. Last but not least is the process goals; these are the small things that need to be worked on to achieve your performance goals. For example in the swimming world this is all about technique and the small precincts: being quick off the starting blocks, being as physically fit as possible and eating the right sorts of things are just a few examples. This model can be used in business to break down the larger, more ambitious goals so that they appear achievable to everyone involved.

Skyline Marketing has previously spoken out about the connection between sport and business and talked about how they capitalised on the enthusiasm that the recent World Cup instilled in their sales team. Managing Director, Jamie Talbot also highlighted how sports can assist in developing entrepreneurial skills by speaking about his own experiences within business and sport in an article that the company released two years ago. “I strongly believe my sporting background combined with my Business Management degree, assisted with building my confidence and pursuit of excellence, developing a strong work ethic and assisted with ma ability to set goals. All of which have proved extremely relevant in business and the development of my company.” said Jaime Talbot on the subject.

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