Skyline Marketing Report Consumer Buying Behaviour is Influenced by Brands

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Skyline Marketing use recent research on consumer buying behaviour to tap into consumer psyche and overturn objections in their direct sales.

The study ‘Momentum’ conducted by Global Media Agency MEC takes factors such as customer beliefs and how they can influence decisions, consumer bias by category and brand and the relative influence of communication messaging into account. ‘Identifying consumer buying behaviour and their perception of brands is crucial to the success of any business. This study has provided new insights into consumer buying decisions and identified areas within the buying cycle and sales process that can be improved upon’ reports Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of outsourced sales and marketing company Skyline Marketing.

With the study exploring the 4 stages of the consumer purchasing decision journey; trigger, purchase, active and passive, it has been revealed that consumers with a strong passive-stage bias consider fewer brands, spend less time in the active stage, are less concerned with price when making their choice and are happier with their decision after purchase. This is an area of interest for outsourced sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing as it has not only been reported as the longest stage of the journey but also the one that gets the least attention. ‘It is evident  that consumers in this stage of the buying cycle are more open to new products or services as they are not actively seeking a specific brand or comparing to a desired brand. We plan to use this information to personalise our service and freshen our approach by applying these new findings to our sales process’. says Jamie Talbot.

As an outsourced sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing interact with consumers in-person on a regular basis through direct marketing and regularly debate factors that effect consumer buying decisions and contribute to closing sales. Skyline Marketing’s MD explains ‘Not only has this given us greater insight into consumer psyche it will also help with producing more complex sales pitches in order to address the all important questions or objections customers may have on products, being in the earlier stages of the buying cycle.’

Conducted by global media agency MEC and having examined the purchasing decisions of over 100,000 consumers worldwide the study is the most authoritative of its kind and Birmingham based firm Skyline Marketing encourage businesses to also make use of this newfound information.’I found this research very interesting. Understanding the reasons behind purchasing decisions and the way consumers think is a big part of how we overturn objections in direct sales – I’m looking forward to seeing future data on this topic’ says Jamie Talbot, MD – skyline marketing.

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