Skyline Marketing Releases New Sales Strategy Guide Following Birmingham Conference

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Birmingham-based Skyline Marketing published their new guide to improving sales, following the inspirational discussion they attended at a local Business Development Conference last weekend.

The Birmingham Conference was held at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Birmingham City Centre over two days, the 22nd-23rd August. The Business Development Conference had 6 speakers across the two days who covered a range of topics including, driving sales, interview techniques, understanding body language and everything in between. Day one of the event had 35 attendees who were welcomed by invitation only and day two was open to all business owners and had around 150 attendees. The guest speakers were all successful business owners ready to share their experiences, educate and offer advice to the attendees who were some of the country’s most innovative and successful business owners. The Business Development Conference was designed to educate and inspire businesses founders across the UK.

Skyline Marketing say that they found the talk on ‘Driving Sales’ particularly useful and inspiring. In fact the firm has revealed that the driving sales pitch has inspired the firm to review their sales strategy and draw up a new guide for recruits to follow.

Skyline Marketing has revealed the skills and key areas that are included in their new guide.

Satisfy the customers
Above all else, try to keep the customer happy and satisfied. If the customer likes you they are more likely to buy from you regardless of the deal offered. Be friendly and charming and give the customer peace of mind. Whatever the customer is looking for, that is what you should try to provide. This applies both to your conduct and to the thing being sold.

It’s hard to satisfy a customer if you don’t know what they want but you can figure this out by simply listening. Ask the customer what you can help with and let the customer describe their problem or desire. Once you know what they want you can decide which products or services meet their needs. Don’t just listen to what a customer says; try to pay attention to how they say it, in terms of facial expression, body language, etc and this will inform you whether to provide a quick and easy solution or a lengthy sales pitch offering the whole range of products.

Give your full attention
First impressions count. When a customer is making a purchase you want to give the impression that you’re on hand to help with any needs or answer any questions that may arise. You don’t want to give the impression that you’re distracted or that the customer is a low priority. Interact with customers on a personal, one-to-one basis. That being said, do not be over the top and become an annoyance to customers.

Demonstrate your product/service’s value
When it comes to convincing a reluctant customer to make a purchase, praising the product is only going to go so far. To really get the customer on board you must show them how the product is going to make their life better. Whether it is going to save them money and time, give them peace of mind, or make them feel good, makes sure the customer understands how the item benefits them in real, practical terms. ‘Sell the benefit, not the product.’

Know the field
Customers like buying from salespeople who seem knowledgeable without being condescending. Not only should you know the products and services you’re selling like the back of your hand, but also those of your competitors. Knowing this information will make it easier to make comparisons that cast your product in the best light. You will also be able to recommend certain products based on the customer’s unique situation.

Try to get commitment from customers the same day you first meet them. If a customer is reluctant to make a purchase immediately, provide them with the best possible offers and deals.

Build relationships with the Customers
Satisfied customers that feel they’ve been respected are likely to give the business a good review and may even return for future purchases. Building these personal relationships with customers will give the brand a long-term sales boost. Try to genuinely connect with customers; don’t think of them as numbers and commission, think of them as real people who have real emotions.

Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm that connects with its clients’ customers through face-to-face interaction, building personal and long-lasting customer relationships that improves a clients brand loyalty, customer acquisition and brand awareness.

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