Skyline Marketing Recommend Outsourcing to Achieve Optimal Customer Satisfaction

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With the current economic situation, customer expectations continue to rise. Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing in Birmingham suggests that outsourcing to experts can help firms to focus on their core business without neglecting customer service.

According to research, 86% of customers leave a business following a bad experience, 89% switch to a competitor and 59% are hoping to find a better experience with a new brand ( Jamie Talbot, managing director of Skyline Marketing, says: “These figures clearly show how important it is to focus on a great customer experience. Consumers have many options, they don’t have to stick with one business and one thing is sure, people are expecting value for their money.”

Many businesses are good in their field and may offer better products or services than the competition. However, if they fail to look after their customers, their company’s future might be at risk. Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing recommends    firms to outsource their customer service to professionals which will take some pressure of them by working with a business partner who can make the most out of it.

Some firms may be concerned that outsourcing means losing control of a part of their business to a different company. However, Jamie Talbot says, “Of course, firms need to consider advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing specifically for their businesses, but it is important to keep in mind that outsourcing to a specialist can bring many positives and help the firm to succeed.”

“Outsourcing activities to a third party can help firms concentrate more on their core business processes, basically on what they do best,” continues Jamie Talbot. As a consequence, the organisation may experience a higher efficiency and productivity in non-core business activities. As with the new business partner the firm has access to professional high-quality service and a network of experts in that field. “Outsourcing is a fantastic tool to save time, effort, operating costs and training costs as well as manpower,” says Jamie Talbot. In fact, research shows that outsourcing can give a business a competitive advantage and help a company to cut its operational costs by 50% or more (

Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Birmingham. Managing director Jamie Talbot explains: “We help our clients to raise brand awareness and to promote and sell their products by guaranteeing the highest customer service standards.” Skyline Marketing has a great track record of producing quality results for their clients. Jamie Talbot adds: “Our clients may not specialise in customer service or face-to-face marketing. It makes however a huge difference to their sales and growth targets, and they have outsourced this part to us.” This has helped Skyline Marketing’s clients to reduce pressure and allows them focus on what they do best, their core business. This has led to rapidly increased customer satisfaction and retention, increased sales figures and hence a higher return on investment.


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