Skyline Marketing plans to improve personalisation techniques

Skyline Marketing plans to improve personalisation techniques
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Liverpool-based sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing is planning to travel to London to attend a two-day event which will cover how to perfect personalising online content to aid growth and development.

Personalised marketing specialists Skyline Marketing pride themselves on being able to offer clients an efficient, enthusiastic, but ultimately, personalised marketing campaign. Although being experts at this, the firm is looking to expand their knowledge of the area and use the method of personalisation to help build their own business brand as well as use this for their clients.

The firm, based in Liverpool, will be travelling to London on the 27th of January 2017 to attend an industry event held at London’s Hilton Hotel Bankside. This event will consist of industry experts discussing topics such as personalising content, building personal and business brands and personalising these brands to become top recruiters in the industry.

The event is focused on the sales and marketing industry and will be attended by a wide variety of business professionals from within the industry. The event will also be providing an immense opportunity for networking and will provide Skyline Marketing with the opportunity to build upon their existing contacts and develop the business further. The venue, located in London’s popular Southbank, will allow those attending to not only be a part of the event as it is able to hold up to 750 people; but will provide those at the event with the chance to take some time to view some of the city’s most remarkable sites and activities.

Skyline Marketing can effectively customise their campaigns to suit their clients. However, they are not the only firm in the industry able to do this. The event will be able to provide the knowledge to allow the firm to not only progress in the area of personalisation of both the campaigns they provide, but the brand itself, and explain how the firm can do this while standing out. Being able to offer a service which cannot be found anywhere, enables the firm to compete in such a robust and competitive industry. So far since launching, Skyline have been able to compete successfully. However, it is now time to up their game even more in order to progress and excel above their competitors.

Managing Director, Jamie Talbot, prides himself on being a successful, young entrepreneur. Having been able to start and lead a successful business, the Managing Director states “Knowledge is beneficial at all points of a business’ development. The key to success is; never stop learning.”

Merseyside’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing, are experts in direct sales and marketing campaigns. Being able to provide an enthusiastic, innovate and useful service, the firm have progressed within the industry and can offer clients unique promotional campaigns to improve their overall customer base.



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