Skyline Marketing outline 5 signs you were born an entrepreneur

Skyline Marketing: 5 signs you were born an entrepreneur
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Outsourced sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing outlines the 5 signs that show someone was born to be an entrepreneur.

There are some specific signs that demonstrate that an individual has the early makings of an entrepreneur. However, these signs are not always viewed in a positive light (especially during childhood and education). Someone who wants to carve their own path, away from the more traditional routes will demonstrate some stand out qualities that often show themselves from an early age.

According to a recent article on (5 Signs You Were Born An Entrepreneur, published on 3rd March 2016) there are 5 key signs that entrepreneurs identify with from an early age. Skyline Marketing encourages these traits within people and believes that individuals should have the opportunity to cultivate them from a young age. The firm outlines these traits below as:

Disregarding and questioning authority

This trait is very significant. When an individual has an entrepreneurial mind-set, they are constantly questioning why and like to seek out alternative solutions. This often gets them in trouble with those in positions of authority; yet some of the best entrepreneurs (Coco Chanel, Oprah) were school dropouts.

Having an appetite for risk

Before starting a company, entrepreneurs show active signs of risk taking. This is because many entrepreneurs will choose to give up ‘security and financial stability’ found within employment in order to roll the dice and pursue their vision.

Belief in new possibilities outside of societal structure

Entrepreneurs have the ‘anything is possible’ mentality and are comfortable with asking, what if? They have the ability to problem solve creatively and are often the ones to disrupt long established industry practices.


Entrepreneurs must be empathic if they are to build a product or solution that is useful to thousands (even millions) of people. Entrepreneurs must be able to put themselves in other people situations, anticipate preferences and react ahead of the market trends.

Story telling

At a young age, entrepreneurs are those children who are able to convince friends to do things or are able to get out of trouble using their imagination. In adulthood, this is seen as charisma and the ability to compel others and lead.

Skyline Marketing is Merseyside’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm. They use face-to-face customer interactions at retail events and shopping venues to take the time to understand each customer’s individual needs and preferences; working with their clients to deliver a product or service that best suits these unique requirements. The firm is advocates of entrepreneurship and is constantly developing new ways to encourage and educate their independent sales contractors to become well-rounded and confident entrepreneurs.



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