Skyline Marketing Ltd to Launch Focus Group to Gain Insight into Influential Leader Traits

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Birmingham-based Skyline Marketing Ltd are set to launch a focus group of eight entrepreneurs to gain a greater insight into the traits of influential leaders. .

Outsourced sales and event marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd are hosting a focus group at their Birmingham office to investigate further into the traits of influential leaders. The focus group will take place today, Tuesday 12th November, where eight entrepreneurs will participate in a two and a half hour discussion about leadership and entrepreneurial qualities. The key points of discussion at the focus group will include: How can success be defined? Which skills or attributes contribute to great leadership? Are individuals born with those traits or are they developed through life experiences?

It has been well documented recently that leadership is important for business success. A study by Khuram Bukhari titled, ‘Influence of Leadership Empowerment Behavior on Organizational Performance’ researched into the contributing conditions that organisations claim to be responsible in the “empowerment implementation and sustain its level as per higher authorities prudence.” The results collected from a sample of 300 middle-managers indicated that sustained employee empowerment is built on trust, task clarity, responsibility, team work and motivation. These are all skills that influential leaders are renowned for having, but Skyline Marketing Ltd want to investigate further into just how these skills are developed within an organisation; whether it’s simply genetic or gained through a number of life experiences. This idea that specific leadership qualities contribute to the ethos of the business is also supported by Entrepreneur Magazine. A recent article on expresses how a variety of people all bring innovative qualities into a company that create the authority of a business. According to Entrepreneur, leaders should look into having helpers, entertainers, artists, thinkers, disciples, activists, drivers, perfectionists and arbitrators present in the workplace.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm in Birmingham. Skyline Marketing Ltd offer a cost-effective route into market for national clients across the UK who are looking to expand their customer base and increase brand awareness. Specialising in event marketing campaigns, Skyline Marketing Ltd are outsourced by businesses in the entertainment and gaming industries. The Birmingham-based firm have huge goals for 2014 where the increase of performance and productivity will play an important role in their new objectives. Skyline Marketing Ltd hope the results from the focus group will identify some key traits for the firm to look out for in their future endeavours.


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