Skyline Marketing Ltd Say Resistance to Online Marketing is an On-Going Issue

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Concerns for privacy means consumers are hesitant with the data they provide online. Skyline Marketing Ltd reaps the rewards as more businesses invest in direct marketing campaigns.

Brands are currently facing quite a challenge when it comes to gaining consumers’ trust regarding personal data.  New research now suggests that there is a growing culture of resistance to sharing such data online, with the vast majority of respondents to a survey by Vision Critical stating that they oppose companies being able to track their internet searches. 38% of people also admit that they have purposely given false information to marketers in order to protect their personal data.

The Midlands leading outsourced sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing Ltd was founded in 2011 and successfully increase revenues for their clients.  Due to the firm’s rapid growth, Skyline Marketing Ltd have been named one of the leaders in the direct sales and marketing industry and are looking forward to 2014 to expand their customer base and increase the awareness of their brands.  The firm value all customers so actively protect data collected when developing marketing campaigns.

Skyline Marketing Ltd only use customer data to develop a personalised sales experience, and their approach to direct marketing adds a personal touch.  As opposed to online marketing, Skyline Marketing Ltd develops a rapport with prospective customers and addresses their specific needs with the advantage of visual demonstrations and product samples.

‘As more and more customers are resistant to online marketing, the direct sales and marketing industry is booming. Skyline Marketing Ltd are reaping the benefits of this trend and we are using this opportunity to outline why companies are choosing to invest in direct marketing campaigns rather than using online marketing routes,’ said a spokesperson for the firm.

Companies are choosing to invest in direct marketing campaigns over online marketing because it is measurable, cost effective and gains sales at a faster rate than any other forms of marketing.  Direct marketing includes tangible offers – this provides customers with a sense of urgency to respond within a certain period of time, allowing clients to keep better tabs on campaigns and see results faster.  Direct marketing strategies also involve presentations that allow a firm to showcase their client’s success and demonstrate the client’s area of expertise.

Unlike online marketing, face to face direct marketing firms such as Skyline Marketing Ltd receive instant feedback on the product or service being marketed. Skyline Marketing Ltd can then invest this feedback straight back into improving the quality of the service that they provide for their clients to ensure customer satisfaction, retention rates and loyalty are maintained at a high level without the overuse of customer data.

Skyline Marketing Ltd prides itself on using a targeted market approach when it comes to sales and marketing campaigns which avoid the overuse of consumer data. Skyline Marketing Ltd excel at developing the right direct marketing approach which will be the most effective means for delivering a marketing message to a targeted audience.

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