Skyline Marketing Ltd Reviews the New Direct Marketing Code

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The Direct Marketing Association has revealed a new industry code to ensure that third party data is “properly sourced, permitted and cleaned.” Direct Marketing firm, Skyline Marketing Ltd reviews this code and what it will mean for the industry.

According to the new industry code developed by the DMA, direct marketing campaigns must ensure that any personal data bought from third parties was “properly sourced, permitted and cleaned.” The code will be enforced by the Direct Marketing Commission and all members of the DMA will have to comply with the new code from 18th August. The Commission can recommend the suspension or expulsion of companies from the DMA if it finds they are in breach of the code. The Commission also has the power to refer complaints it deals with to the Information Commissioner’s Office which can issue fines of up to £500,000. The code has been developed to address growing customer concerns surrounding one-to-one marketing, particularly data sharing.

Skyline Marketing Ltd has taken a look at what the code involves. The new industry code requires companies to go above and beyond the regulatory obligations they face when engaging in direct marketing activities and has included a number of new rules to moderate marketers’ behaviour, including in relation to how they use personal data. The code requires that those marketers who collect personal data for research purposes or whilst surveying, to make it undoubtedly clear to individuals if and where they intend to use that data for a different purpose, such as marketing to that individual. The code also explains what marketers have to do when they want to use personal data collected by third parties for direct marketing purposes. The Executive Director of the DMA said, “Our code centres on five principles to inspire the industry to serve each customer with fairness and respect. Marketing with customers not at them is imperative to fostering trust and achieving commercial success.”

Skyline Marketing Ltd is an outsourced sales and direct marketing firm. The firm uses direct marketing to connect with their clients’ customers through face-to-face engagement in order to improve their clients’ brand awareness, brand loyalty, customer acquisition and drive quality sales. Skyline Marketing Ltd says that connecting with consumers on a one-to-one level helps to build personal relationships between brand and consumer. These relationships allow the customer to trust the brand and the brand can then trust the consumer will become a returning customer. The firm believes that connecting with customers on a face-to-face basis is something that the customers enjoy and this is what has made them so successful. Skyline Marketing Ltd agrees with the new code that all customers should be treated fairly and with respect and this is why they connect with consumers how they do, so they can create a strong bond with customers and increase the level of trust.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is proud to offer an extensive level of customer service and agrees that the updated industry code will help other direct marketing firms to improve their ways making direct marketing an even better experience for all those involved.

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