Skyline Marketing Ltd Observes LOVEFiLM Rise to Success

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Outsourced sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd are inspired by Amazon’s LOVEFiLM success with the confirmation of obtaining over 2 Million members.

Skyline Marketing Ltd suggests Amazon’s LOVEFiLM is the business to watch throughout 2012.  LOVEFiLM is an Amazon company who recently announced their partnership with BBC Worldwide, ABC  and ITV in major TV streaming deals which will see the company become Europe’s leading Movie and TV subscription streaming business. Skyline Marketing Ltd, a Birmingham based outsourced sales and marketing firm have followed LOVEFiLM’s rise to success and see these last few streaming deals with major TV stations as the company’s way of leaving their competitors behind. Simon Calver, CEO of Amazon’s LOVEFiLM, comments “LOVEFiLM’s partnership with ITV is the icing on the cake of our LOVEFiLM Instant service as it brings more top TV content together with world class movies, delivered across multiple platforms, all for one low monthly price.”

The fourth quarter of 2011 propelled LOVEFiLM into the spotlight when they reported a record number of sign-ups to their subscription service. “Acquisition of new customers is important to any business. The rapid growth LOVEFiLM have reported in the last quarter alone is brilliant and future looks very bright for the business especially with the hype surrounding their partnership with ITV, ABC and BBC Worldwide” adds Jamie Talbot, managing director at Skyline Marketing Ltd.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is outsourced by business looking to expand their customer base and increase awareness of their brands.  As a company that works with brands within the entertainment sector, Skyline Marketing know of the struggles many businesses come up against within the industry “The entertainment industry including TV and Gaming is competitive. With the announcement of Netflix expansion to the UK there was much talk of what would happen to LOVEFiLM – this new partnership has given the brand a fantastic selling point and offers the benefit of many much loved British programmes to please the UK market” adds Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd.

The Instant services allows for streaming to a PC, Apple iPad,  Xbox 360, Sony Playstation and Blu-ray or web-enabled TV sets which Skyline Marketing Ltd say allows for a very broad target audience. Tailoring packages to appeal to the consumers needs is a major factor in the success of a brand particularly in an industry known for being competitive such as Entertainment.

Skyline Marketing Ltd predict Amazon’s LOVEFiLM to continue to grow and strengthen as a top brand in the Entertainment sector.


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