Skyline Marketing Ltd: The New Generation Of Entrepreneurs Encourages Economic Growth

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Outsourced sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd report that the new generation of entrepreneurs encourages economic growth and wealth for the UK. A record number of over half a million businesses were set up in Great Britain in 2013. 

According to figures from StartUp Britain, the research from the national enterprise campaign reveals that 526,446 businesses were registered with Companies House in 2013, compared to 484,224 businesses in 2012 and 440,600 recorded in 2011. “Today’s entrepreneurs run a business out of passion”, says Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of Skyline Marketing Ltd. “We are even expecting a further increase on business start-ups this year. This new generation of entrepreneurs will drive economic growth in the coming years”, adds Jamie Talbot. In fact, figures from ONS show that three quarters of the employment increase in Q1 comes from people employing themselves.

Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd says: “I agree, a few years ago, business start-ups were an alternative to unemployment and it may have been common to register as self-employed after redundancies. However, nowadays, people choose to be self-employed.” In fact, the Enterprise Nation Happiness and Health Survey, undertaken in February 2014, shows that today’s self-employed generation is 99% happier than when they worked for someone else.

Jamie Talbot is of the opinion that this new generation of entrepreneurs is driving economic growth by innovation, challenging the status quo and creating employment. “Today’s entrepreneurs are absolutely passionate about what they do”, explains Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd. Emma Jones states in an article published on Enterprise Nation that the self-employed “are generating wealth without being a burden on the public purse. They are collaborating with fellow freelancers and professionals to grow the business through outsourcing and subcontracting, as opposed to hiring staff. This is, quite simply, the most entrepreneurial way to start and grow.”

Skyline Marketing Ltd are an outsourced sales and marketing company based in Location. The firm’s aim is to raise brand awareness on behalf of their clients and to promote and sell their products and services. Founded in 2011, Skyline Marketing Ltd have now developed to be one of the market leaders and are preparing to expand into further UK markets within the next six months. Managing Director Jamie Talbot explains: “Being an entrepreneur myself, I made it our mission to support entrepreneurial-minded individuals who really want to gain ground and run a successful business.” Jamie Talbot is not only a successful business owner, but a mentor and teacher for new entrepreneurs. “It is crucial to support them. The new generation of entrepreneurs determines our economic growth and stability”,

Jamie Talbot summarises.



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