Skyline Marketing Ltd in Birmingham Offers Advice to Aspiring Entrepreneurs on Creating Business Vision

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Great relationships and unwavering confidence were two of Skyline Marketing Ltd’s managing director Jamie Talbot’s tips on creating a strong business vision for success.

Managing director Jamie Talbot of Birmingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd, spoke to 15 local business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs on Saturday 28th September offering them advice and tips on creating a strong vision for their businesses. This topic was particularly relevant, as it’s an integral stage of the business many of the guests will soon be reaching.

Creating a vision is fundamental, as it is simply outlining the future plans for a business. All business owners should understand the basic elements on creating a vision and should be able to communicate the vision clearly. Jamie Talbot, managing director at Skyline Marketing Ltd advised his guests to “have a very clear picture of what you want to achieve, talk about it all the time, never question your ability to achieve that goal and build strong, loyal and trustworthy relationships with contractors, suppliers and business partners.”

Ari Weinzweig who is the co-founder and CEO of Zingerman’s Community of Businesses in Ann Arbor, Michigan explains the formality of a vision. He states, “a vision is not a strategic plan. The vision articulates where we are going; the plan tells us how we’re actually going to get there. We start that planning work only after we’ve agreed on the vision.” ( By creating a vision for a business it can predominantly prolong the company’s success as a strong vision can improve productivity and efficiency. By setting and reaching attainable goals early on in the business development process, it diminishes the odds of failure.

Skyline Marketing Ltd’s is Birmingham’s most ambitious outsourcing firm and their rapid growth since launching in 2011 has named them as one of the leaders in the direct marketing and sales industry. Skyline Marketing Ltd specialise in direct marketing, quality lead generation, consultancy and reporting. They are outsourced by national clients, particularly in the entertainment, charity and insulation industries, for their cost-effective route into marketing campaigns. Managing director Jamie Talbot credits his passion for triumph, his drive and incredible mentors for the success he has achieved with Skyline Marketing Ltd to date.

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