Skyline Marketing Ltd Hit Back at Claims That a True Consumer View is Unreachable

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Recent claims suggest that personalised interactions are unobtainable due to consumers’ resistance to share information. Skyline Marketing Ltd has fought back against the claims and suggests that businesses with this view are not utilising the right forms of marketing for their audience.

During his presentation at the recent Marketing Week Live event, Lottery expert and Camelot insights chief, Nick Bonney, claimed that a truly personalised, 360 degree customer view is looking impossible to gain due to consumers’ growing desire for privacy.

Whilst his statement might be partly true in the sense that it is impossible to know everything about the customer, many marketing companies such as Skyline Marketing Ltd have found that by understanding who the audience is, they can begin to target them successfully in other ways.

It could be the case that customer frustration is coming from companies who are not implementing their marketing in the correct forms, nuisance phone calls and template emails for example, and they are not actually opposed to the idea of sharing data. It is important for firms to understand how their consumers would like to be contacted and if this is then implemented correctly they could receive a more positive response to the idea of sharing data.

Despite the recent claims of true consumer views being unreachable, direct marketing services are still in high demand from many industries. Direct marketing uses face-to-face techniques and is an attractive solution for companies because the results are so easy to measure. As their customers are being reached on a daily basis they can get day-to-day statistics on how their campaign is faring and can be given fantastic feedback that can then be used effectively.

Choosing the wrong media mix can quickly result in large amounts of wasted money. Skyline Marketing claim to excel at developing the right direct marketing approach which will be the most effective at delivering the right marketing message to the target audience. The firm’s direct marketing campaigns involve face-to-face presentations that deliver the clients’ message and achieves their goals. They believe that communicating with customers on this one-to-one basis delivers the greatest impact.

Skyline Marketing have disputed the recent claims and say that Nick Bonney is focusing far too much on social media data and has not fully considered that direct face-to-face marketing is a far more effective step towards knowing a ‘single customer view.’




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