Skyline Marketing Ltd Defend Marketing Agencies Following Results of Study

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Skyline Marketing Ltd disagrees with a recent study that suggests media agencies are not ROI driven. 

According to a recent study, it was suggested that 78% of CEO’s believe that media agencies are not driven by ROI (return on investment). Skyline Marketing Ltd are an outsourced sales and marketing firm who emphasise it is their ROI that encourages clients to continue using their service. An average campaign conducted by Skyline Marketing Ltd grows a brand’s customer base by 12% year on year, which has allowed the Birmingham business to triple in size. Skyline Marketing Ltd offer performance based direct marketing campaigns and the demand for their service has grown every quarter since the firm’s establishment in early 2010.

Managing director Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing Ltd defends the industry and claims the survey results must have been skewered in order to cast judgement on 3rd party agencies. He says, “We are an outsourced agency, if we don’t offer good ROI to our clients they drop our service. Therefore we offer our service on a performance basis; each client pays for each lead generated through our marketing campaign that converts to a sale. The pressure is on us as the agency, so we must perform to make money.”

The study continues to report that 64% of bosses initially believed agencies to be specialists in the subject of understanding consumers and how to best engage with them. Of those people asked, 72% admitted they soon realised agencies were not as “data and science-driven” as they had expected, which led to them reducing the trust they placed in agencies. However, Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing Ltd defends marketing agencies using his firm’s business growth as a prime example that consumers still believe agencies are a credible and reliable service. Despite what the study suggests, he states, “The fact we have grown year on year, expanded into new markets and have a consistent demand for our services I believe suggests the results of this study have included a very small number of CEO’s that are out of touch with the capabilities and services available to them via agencies such as ours.”

Skyline Marketing Ltd are an outsourced sales and marketing firm who offer performance based direct marketing campaigns. Located in Birmingham, Skyline Marketing Ltd specialise in customer acquisition and retention.


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