Skyline Marketing Ltd Claim Direct Marketing Successful Channel for Handling Customer Variability

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Customer service issues arise due to the simple fact that all customers are different. Birmingham-based Skyline Marketing Ltd claim their use of direct marketing is a successful channel for handling customer variability, and offers a personalised marketing approach for their customers.

Skyline Marketing Ltd, an outsourced sales and marketing firm in Birmingham, claim their use of direct marketing enables them to handle customer variability successfully, compared to other marketing techniques.

In an article on LinkedIn by Don Peppers, it states how many large corporations use standardised processes and operations in order to maintain quality and control costs. Skyline Marketing Ltd say that using homogenous practices can spark customer service problems as customers are a collection of individuals. The Birmingham-based firm express how each customer is unique and each requires different needs, answers, and approaches. Managing director Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing Ltd claims handling customers individually also generates customer loyalty. This customer service strategy is also supported by Don Peppers. He discusses this further, saying that customers will be more appreciative if businesses remember their specific needs or preferences. This tailored approach or ‘mass customisation’ as Don Pepper refers to it, offers opportunities for creating trusting relationships, which will be more durable in the long-term.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is Birmingham’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm. The company offer services in customer acquisition, quality lead generation, and provide clients with regular reports to document the progress of their campaigns. Skyline Marketing Ltd express how handling customer variability is not always an easy task However, the Birmingham-based firm claim their use of direct marketing is successful, as it can easily be tailored to each individual customer. Direct marketing interacts with customers on a personal level, and gives customers the opportunity to ask questions about the product or service being marketed, and get an immediate response. Not only does direct marketing allow Skyline Marketing Ltd to handle customers’ needs individually, it also generates same-day results which are quantifiable, a high ROI and instant feedback.

Skyline Marketing Ltd provides a quality service to their clients and their customers. The firm visualise a future where customers participate in the marketing process, to ensure the best relationships are built with their clients’ brands. Skyline Marketing Ltd urge more businesses to use direct marketing techniques, especially if they are currently struggling with customer complaints.

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