Skyline Marketing Ltd Attends Manchester United vs. Ajax Europa League Match

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Skyline Marketing Ltd Managing Director, Jamie Talbot is travelling to Manchester to attend the Europa League second leg match. Manchester United secured a 2-0 away from home meaning Ajax have some catching up to do in this next game.

Jamie Talbot, now runs outsourced sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing Ltd, will travel with business associates from Birmingham, London, Liverpool and Sheffield to watch the anticipated game from an executive box, hoping to see an exciting and fast-paced home tie.

Skyline Marketing Ltd pays close attention to the work of Alex Ferguson and his achievements in the footballing world and also his leadership qualities as a manager, “So many times in crucial games where Manchester United have been behind at half time, has Alex Ferguson shown exceptional leadership and motivational qualities to get his team back on track and make an outstanding comeback against the odds” says Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd.  Ferguson’s approach is definitely an honest one with his players, with the Manchester United coach known for being extremely direct.

Alex Ferguson is definitely seen as an influential leader, seeing every player on his team as an asset, listening to their needs and providing for them. Ferguson calls every player ‘son’ as this is how he views them.

Winning more than 30 trophies whilst in charge of Manchester United is definitely a great accomplishment for the Scotland born manager, however Ferguson is never content, and remains focused on bringing more silverware to the club. Alex Ferguson is seen as the foundation of the club, creating a team atmosphere where he invests a lot of time and energy into his players, ensuring the high standards that have been seen for so many years. It is clear to Skyline Marketing Ltd that Ferguson has a strong work ethic showing up at the training ground at 7.30am, regularly working 18 hour days. “Sir Alex Ferguson is definitely an inspiration as a manager and leader, with such a great work ethic and all at the age of 70 years old. It is certainly easy to see why he has had so much success in his career as a football manager,” adds Jamie Talbot, MD at Skyline Marketing Ltd.

With anticipation for the Europa League match Manchester United surely place themselves as strong favourites going in to the home tie, with Skyline Marketing Ltd and their business associates expecting a spectacle from the executive box above.


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