Skyline Marketing Ltd Attends Jordan Belfort Live in London

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Managing director Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd, travelled to London to see motivational speaker Jordan Belfort, who is dubbed the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

Following the hype surrounding the recent film starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd reveals how he was moved and inspired by the stories shared by motivational speaker Jordan Belfort, the real-life ‘Wolf of Wall Street’.

Managing director Jamie Talbot of outsourced sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd attended Jordan Belfort’s only appearance at London’s ExCeL on 28th May 2014. The event saw Jordan Belfort share his strategies for success. Using his own experiences, Jamie Talbot was among hundreds of fellow business owners and entrepreneurs to hear Jordan Belfort explain how he started as a paper boy, to setting up a brokerage business in his twenties. Having built one of the most dynamic and successful sales-organisations Wall Street has ever seen during the 1990s, Jordan Belfort also became the centre of one of modern history’s most incredible and publicised falls from grace.

Having experienced near destruction in his career in the financial sector, Jordan Belfort reinvented himself as a globetrotting motivational speaker and consultant in wealth creation. “It’s a formula for achieving wealth and success in pretty much any business,” explains Jordan Belfort. “The seminars attract entrepreneurs, stockbrokers, real estate brokers, but sales is not only for salesmen. I teach persuasion and communication – it’s a strategy for anyone, to create certainty in someone else.”

Some of the topics Jamie Talbot heard Jordan Belfort speak about included, ‘Eight skills for business, sales and entrepreneurial success’, ‘Overcoming the six limiting beliefs about money’, ‘The four rules of entrepreneurship’, ‘The difference between having a goal and having a vision’ and ‘The power of modelling and mentorship’. Inspired greatly by Jordan Belfort’s speech, Jamie Talbot hopes to implement some of the real ‘Wolf of Wall Street’s’ strategies in his sales and marketing business.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is West Midland’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm, with an office in Birmingham’s city centre. Since launching in 2011, the firm’s rapid growth has seen them become a reputable leader in the direct sales and marketing sector. Skyline Marketing Ltd delivers interactive direct marketing campaigns on behalf of clients within the gaming and entertainment industries on a face-to-face basis. This personalised form of marketing let’s Skyline Marketing Ltd engage with customers directly, building rapport and long-lasting relationships.

Skyline Marketing Ltd’s rapid growth has seen them be named one of the leaders in the direct sales and marketing industries. With a mission to be the largest and most effective customer acquisition firm in the UK, Skyline Marketing Ltd hopes the utilisation of Jordan Belfort’s business and sales strategies will contribute to this goal, along with their plans to expand internationally by the end of the year.

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