Skyline Marketing Ltd Attends 2015 USA Sales and Marketing Rally

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The Liverpool based firm, Skyline Marketing Ltd were delighted to attend the Annual event in Baltimore, Maryland and took the opportunity to pay a visit to New York before the Rally to network with leading American business owners.

On the 12th July sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd joined sales and marketing professionals from around the world in Baltimore for a special event in which the industry’s most accomplished leaders were celebrated and rewarded for their achievements over the last 12 months. In a weekend of celebration that culminated in a prestigious awards ceremony the firm gathered with attendees at Baltimore’s famous Hippodrome Theatre, which sits at the heart of the city’s newly established Bromo Tower Arts & Entertainment District and hosts only the city’s most important events and entertainment.

As well as rewarding the achievements of America’s most dedicated and focused industry professionals the event was also held to act as a source of inspiration and motivate the next generation of leaders to get out there and make an impact in one of the worlds fasted growing and exciting sectors. To do this the organisers of the event invited sales and marketing experts from across the world to speak to attendees, share their experiences and outline the endless possibilities and achievements the industry offers to those willing to take on the challenge. The event also offered a thrilling selection of performances and entertainment to get guests in the spirit of the occasion and spot prizes such as MacBooks, Wireless speakers and Beats Headphones were also on offer. Skyline Marketing Ltd were thrilled to be invited as special guests to the 2015 US Sales & Marketing Rally and found the event not only incredibly motivating, but also inspiring and were impressed by the passion and determination displayed by all attendees.

To make the most of their time in America Skyline Marketing scheduled some time before the Rally to fly to New York for an industry networking event. The firm joined professionals and business owners from the UK, Australia and the US in New York to discuss ideas and share experiences. This networking meeting gave the firm the opportunity to strengthen their business relationships with professionals from a variety of different markets, and allowed them some time to discuss new strategies and trends within the sales and event marketing industry.

Jamie Talbot and business partners did have an opportunity to experience life in NYC, they visited the World Trade Centre, Times Square & the Empire State building. To fully embrace the American experience Talbot rented a Ford Mustang to drive the east coast with before arriving in Baltimore for the Awards Ceremony.
Skyline Marketing is Merseyside’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm that offers businesses effective, customer centric marketing solutions which are proven to improve customer relationships and increase sales. Through face to face customer interactions the firm help their clients develop unique customer profiles, the information of which they use to tailor a highly personal customer experience for each customer which boosts brand loyalty and generates a high percentage of sales.

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