Skyline Marketing Ltd Agree Ethical Businesses Attract Customers

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As the recent Nunwood’s survey shows, companies conducting ethical business practices are more likely to succeed than others. Skyline Marketing Ltd believe that a company’s culture and actions determined by the management are crucial when it comes to either success or failure.

According to the recent Nunwood’s Top 100 brands for customer experience list, brands with a good reputation scored high, while brands that had their reputation dented, for example by not paying UK corporation tax, are scored rather poorly (  Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of Skyline Marketing Ltd, says: “The research explains what consumers find important. They want to do business with a company they trust. Dishonesty or not paying taxes is likely to be seen as unethical behaviour by many consumers.”

In order to establish Nunwood’s Top 100 brands for customer experience list, the research agency seeks to understand the best practices across different industries. For the online survey, around 7,500 consumers were asked about their customer experiences in the past six months. Brands were rated according to the CCE Metric including personalisation, time and effort, expectations, integrity, resolution and empathy (

Number one of Nunwood’s list is John Lewis, followed by shopping channel QVC and in third position is financial brand First Direct ( “In Nunwood’s Top 20 we find companies that are seen as trustworthy,” says Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd. In fact, Starbucks is not even in the Top 100 list which could be a result of not having paid corporation tax in the UK. Amazon, which has been number one for the past three years in a row has dropped to fourth position. This is likely to do with the adverse publicity it received in regards to its tax arrangements ( “Amazon is top in personalisation, delivery and service response,” says Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd, “however, people do not seem to forgive easily and ethical business practices seem to be more important than ever.”

Skyline Marketing Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham. Managing Director Jamie Talbot insists that business ethics determine  a company’s success or failure. “Being trustworthy, reliable and consistent in service delivery throughout all channels is what creates a positive reputation. Having  your reputation destroyed can have serious consequences and a recovery may take years or even decades,” explains Jamie Talbot.

Skyline Marketing Ltd help raise brand awareness on behalf of their clients and promote and sell their products and services. The outsourced sales and marketing firm boasts a great reputation among their clients. “Business practices are determined by the company management and as a business owner I find it extremely important to consistently deliver results by being honest and truthful to people,” says Jamie Talbot. The firm has been successful promoting their image and has therefore been asked by their clients to expand into further markets in order to represent their brands.


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