Skyline Marketing Ltd: 3 Most Valuable Leadership Traits

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Skyline Marketing discuss how empathy, selfishness and the ability to deal with stress efficiently are the three most valuable leadership traits in business.

Skyline Marketing is a Birmingham based direct sales and marketing firm that provide businesses across the UK with face to face marketing solutions. The firm are specialists in customer acquisitions and work hard to create strong customer relationships for their clients through direct and personal communication.  Skyline Marketing have grown substantially since their establishment in 2011, and credit this growth to their company mission statement of building a positive company culture of personal development and training. The firm offer all their representatives the opportunity to expand their business knowledge and leadership skills which has given the firm the drive and resources to expand their market reach and develop new leaders within their business.

The firm believe business success can only be achieved if there are strong inspirational leaders in place. Great business leaders not only help drive a business forward by ensuring workers meet targets and increase productivity, they also motivate and inspire their workforce to want to better themselves and develop their existing skills. Skyline Marketing believes that although many people can manage a workforce, fewer people have actually taken the time to develop their leadership skills in order to be an effective and inspiring leader. To help future business leaders understand what it takes to be a great leader, the firm have shared what they believe to be the three most important traits in leadership.


A great leader puts themselves in other people’s shoes, and hones in to what they are feeling. By putting others ahead of themselves and understanding how certain situations and decisions could impact others, effective leaders are able to create a harmonious working environment, and encourage kindness among a workforce. Having empathy for others also allows leaders to identify with their workers as individuals, which means they are able to work with individuals to help them improve on their weaknesses and support their strengths.


Leaders who are selfless build a strong sense of trust among their workforce, which helps to motivate others to also put others before themselves. Selfishness is a hugely undesirable trait which can negatively impact a business by forcing others to keep their distance. By being selfless and honest, a business leader can over time, develop deeper human connections with their workforce which will help boost workplace morale.


When times are tough and stress and anxiety are creeping up on a leader, it can be easy to take it out on their workforce instead of addressing the core issues. Leading through fear not only destroys workplace trust, it also creates a negative working atmosphere. Skyline marketing believes great leaders hold the ability to manage their own individual stresses and keep them from disrupting workplace relations.

To help young people develop positive leadership skills early on in their careers, Skyline Marketing offer a business development programme in which leaders within the firm act as mentors, sharing their real life business knowledge and leadership experiences.



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