Skyline Marketing Growth Spurt Set’s the Company to Exceed 3rd Quarter Goals

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Located in Birmingham City Centre, Skyline Marketing Ltd are the most sought after outsourced sales and marketing firm in the West Midlands. At Skyline Marketing their mission is to be the largest and most effective customer acquisition firm in the UK and to expand internationally by the end of 2013. Recent sales figures have suggested that the firm will exceed their growth projections for quarter 3 of 2013 by 2.6%.

The firm have monitored their growth very closely and have been vocal about their controlled growth strategy. ‘We are very proud of our growth and market reach to date and have a strategy in place to monitor our current projects and campaigns to ensure they are not affected in any negative way by our growth,’ says Managing Director Jamie Talbot.

Growth and expansion can be viewed by some in a negative manner since people and resources can be stretched too thin with workloads becoming too much to handle, resulting in projects suffering. Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of Skyline Marketing ensures that this will not happen at the firm. The company is in full control of their growth and no client or sales campaign will be negatively affected by the growth spurt. The growth at Skyline Marketing is underpinned by the company’s core value – one of these being accountability and execution. At the firm, goals are set and followed through to ensure that results are achieved and recognition is received.  By setting goals, it ensures that growth is attained without any negative results because each step to success comes once a goal has been accomplished.

In today’s economic climate growth is a positive step especially for Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME’s) in the UK.  44% of all SMEs have reported a growth in the last 12 months; this is up from 39% in the first quarter of 2013.

Over the past few years there has been an increase in the amount of assistance provided to small business owners.  For example, in Yorkshire an investment company has secured a further £6m funding to support regional SMEs.  Hundreds of businesses across North and West Yorkshire will have greater access to finance after the Business Enterprise Fund (BEF) received a £6million investment from the Regional Growth Fund to expand its work in offering loans to small and medium sized businesses unable to secure bank finance.

‘Here at Skyline Marketing we are delighted to hear that more support is going to be given to SMEs unable to get financial help from the bank. SMEs remain critical to the UK economy, providing over 67% of the UK’s private-sector jobs and contributing over 50% of the UK GDP’ highlighted Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of Skyline Marketing. The end of 2013 is going to end on a high at Skyline Marketing with growth projections continuing to look positive for the firm.


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