Skyline Marketing Finally Reveal Secret Strategy to Securing Customers

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Skyline Marketing has revealed their customer-based thinking strategy. The strategy is one of the secrets behind their success of high acquisition rates for their customers.

Skyline Marketing has acknowledged the importance of thinking like a customer. It is clear that, if functioning on a different wavelength to the customer, the marketing scheme will appear as though it is from another planet. The business’ perspective could be skewed if assumptions are made based on its behaviour rather than that of the customer trying to be reached. It is important to understand the consumer and acknowledge some key points about them: The business should know who its key customers are but where are these people? What online communities are they part of? Where do they go to find information? What networks do they use? It is essential to ask these questions to gain information on the consumer and understand how they think. Thinking like a customer can give the upper hand in business as it makes it easier to market a product successfully with the correct knowledge and information and knowing that the correct type of customer is being offered something that they are likely to want/need.

Most businesses underestimate the true value of their customers. For many organisations, customers have a choice of where they place their business. They will place it where the combination of quality, delivery and cost best fits their needs. The organisations that understand customer needs and are best at satisfying them will be the most successful. In the average business:

  • For every customer who complains, 26 other customers remain silent.
  • 91% of unhappy customers will never purchase goods or services from that company again.
  • It costs about five times as much to attract a new customer as it does to keep and old one.
  • The average wronged customer will tell around eight to sixteen people.

This could have a huge impact on a company because they underestimated the value of their existing customers. Process quality can have a large effect on the perceived quality level for a product.

Skyline Marketing is a direct sales and marketing company based in Birmingham city centre. They use face-to-face sales techniques, running campaigns and events as well as using door-to-door sales to market and pitch their clients’ products. Their successful direct marketing approach helps to generate sales leads and customers for a range of clients. Their personalised marketing approach has increased their market reach by 518% in the last 12 months, and they guarantee an average return on investment of 9.6% for their clients. These strategies secure a high level of customer retention and enhance customer loyalty.

The firm’s customer-based thinking strategy has contributed greatly to their growth and success over the last few months and they believe it will continue to bring them great success in the future.

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