Skyline Marketing debunks 4 common myths about millennial entrepreneurs

Skyline Marketing debunks four common myths about millennial entrepreneurs
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As a firm, which works closely with millennials, Skyline Marketing has debunked four common myths about millennial entrepreneurs.

Millennial entrepreneurs, those born between 1981 and 1997, are the largest generation of today’s workforce. Research reveals that two thirds of millennials are interested in entrepreneurship and 27 per cent are in fact self-employed. Liverpool-based outsourced sales and marketing company Skyline Marketing works closely with millennials and has looked into what motivates them to start their own business. The firm debunks four common myths about millennial entrepreneurs: “It is time to separate myths and facts,” says Skyline Marketing. “We should thank millennial entrepreneurs for driving our economy forward. They create new businesses and jobs in the UK.”

About Skyline Marketing:

Myth 1: Millennials do not plan ahead

A study sponsored by Wells Fargo reveals that this is not the case. 80 percent of the 1,000 respondents see their business as a future investment and hope to pass it on to the next generation. This is despite the fact that almost 60 percent of millennials have not yet had children.

Myth 2: Millennials do not take financial risks

“This is nothing more than a myth,” says Skyline Marketing. In fact, the study reveals that around two-thirds of respondents believe that debt is necessary and they are willing to take financial risks in order to grow their business.

Myth 3: Millennials find it difficult to manage their finances

Over half of millennial entrepreneurs say that they know how to manage their finances successfully. The other half is actively seeking knowledge or would invest in additional products or services to help their business grow. Skyline Marketing says: “Millennials are very driven. They are one of the most entrepreneurial generations for a reason.”

Myth 4: Millennials feel pessimistic about their future

Skyline Marketing believes that millennials are actually very optimistic about their future. The study shows that 77 percent of millennials expect improvement in their business in the coming year, compared to 51 percent of small business owners of the older generation. In addition to that, around 70 percent of millennial entrepreneurs have forecasted increased profitability and a growth in sales and revenue in the next twelve months.

Skyline Marketing is Merseyside’s leading outsourced sales and marketing company. The firm encourages entrepreneurship and supports millennial entrepreneurs by providing them with the relevant skills and guidance to start their own business. “Millennials are full of energy and motivation, real go-getters. It is inspiring to work with them and help them achieve their goals,” explains Skyline Marketing.


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