Skyline Marketing Capitalise on World Cup Fever

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With 2014’s World Cup kicking off in Brazil this week, Skyline Marketing Ltd are using the football fever to their advantage. The firm are incredibly enthusiastic about the hype and competitive nature surrounding the World Cup and believe that sport and business require many of the same skills.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is a direct sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham. They use face-to-face techniques to promote and sell their clients’ products. They offer a cost-effective route into market through direct marketing campaigns to national clients across the UK, particularly in the entertainment and telecom industries.

A competitive mentality is required in the world of sales due to the fast-pace nature of the business. Skyline Marketing believes that characteristics developed through team sports or athletics contribute to the success of many businesses. Being successful in the sales world requires a decisive and level-headed attitude which also tends to be a skill used on a football pitch. In fact many sporting attributes can be transitioned into successful business qualities, being competitive but fair, having a hunger for triumph and loving what you do is important for the success of a business.

To make use of the recent World Cup fever, Skyline Marketing will be running 30 minute motivational workshops at their business each morning to capitalise on the excitement, competitiveness and drive the World Cup is instilling in the company’s sales force. “I’ll be watching many of the games so I hope to have a lot of anecdotes from the World Cup to use in these workshops.  No doubt there will be lessons of leadership, team work, development, discipline and drive to succeed.  I’m a strong believer in sports attributes contributing to business success,” says Managing Director, Jamie Talbot.

Skyline Marketing have previously highlighted how sports assist in developing entrepreneurial skills in an article the company released two years ago. Jamie Talbot spoke about how his own experiences with business and sport have helped make his own business a success, “I strongly believe my sporting background combined with my Business Management degree, assisted with building my confidence and pursuit of excellence, developing a strong work ethic and assisted with my ability to set goals. All of which have proved extremely relevant in business and the development of my company.” With the World Cup enthusiasm spreading, Skyline Marketing believes it is time to return to this approach.

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