Skyline Marketing: What businesses can learn from sport?

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Sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing discusses what businesses can learn from sport and how the two worlds can be similar.

Skyline Marketing actively seeks out candidates that have been involved in sports when they are recruiting because they believe that these people have the traits that help people to be successful in business. Many sports people are excellent at goal setting, something which is vital in business. Sports stars are often out to beat their own personal best or to help their team win and this attitude can be applied to the sales and marketing industry. Sports people often have an air of confidence about them too and are usually outgoing and competitive, all traits which are vital for success in business. For these reasons Skyline Marketing looks to recruit candidates that have a sporting background.

Managing Director of Skyline Marketing, Jamie Talbot has previously stated that he believes his sporting background helped him get to the position he is in today. “I strongly believe my sporting background combined with my Business Management degree assisted with building my confidence and pursuit of excellence, developing a strong work ethic and helped with my ability to set goals. All of which have proved extremely relevant in business and the development of my company,” said Jamie Talbot who has a passion for football and experience within the sport.

Skyline Marketing has shared the areas in which they believe businesses can learn from sport:

The desire to excel
Often in business if things are going well, people are content with that – there’s not necessarily the imperative to be the best in the world. In sport it’s very clear – if a team or athlete doesn’t win the gold medal or the league, it’s not seen as being successful. Skyline Marketing believes that businesses should always want to be doing better than they are doing and should have that desire to excel, that sports stars have.

Performance measures should be transparent
In sport it is easy to ascertain whether a person is improving. Skyline Marketing believes that the performance measures in business ought to be just as transparent. Managers must make sure they give feedback and receive feedback on their own and employees performances. So that they can verify the performance improvement they are striving for is actually occurring.

Know your competitors
In football for example, managers spend hours analysing the opposition looking for a way to beat them, the same should be said of businesses. They should know their competitors inside out and know what they are offering is better than that of their competitors.

Team selection
Only the best people and the ones who fit the style of the team get picked for a sports team, the same should be done in business. It is hard to succeed if the team isn’t right and isn’t made up from the best talent available points out Skyline Marketing. Businesses should offer extensive training and trial periods to ensure they have made the right selections.

Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Liverpool. The firm develops unique direct marketing campaigns that accurately represent their clients’ brands and then takes them directly to consumers via face-to-face marketing methods. This one-to-one interaction helps to create long-lasting and personal relationships between brand and consumer. This often leads to increased customer acquisition, brand awareness and brand loyalty for their clients.

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