Skyline Marketing Attended Local Business Development Conference

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Skyline Marketing attended a Business Development Conference last Saturday at Birmingham’s Crowne Plaza Hotel.

On Saturday, 23 August 2014, Skyline Marketing attended a Business Development event in order recap on the company’s objectives and benefit from networking opportunities with business owners of the direct sales and marketing industry in Great Britain. The conference took place at Crowne Plaza Birmingham – City Centre’s Vista Suite at Central Square Holliday Street. Six key note speakers were invited to talk about topics such as Driving Sales and Interviewing Techniques. After the event, the 150 attendees used the opportunity to build new connections.

Skyline Marketing insist that it is crucial for the company to attend business events on a regular basis. Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of Skyline Marketing, says: “Last week’s Business Development conference was a fantastic opportunity to be up-to-date with the market and the direct sales industry, its current challenges and prospects.” Jamie Talbot adds that all attendees can benefit from the presentations given by the key note speakers who have years of experience behind them on how to run a successful business. “It simply great to network with industry experts and other business owners and exchange information all of us can benefit from”, continues Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing.

In addition to existing networking opportunities, attending business events provides an insight into the market, upcoming opportunities and about what the competition is up to. In order to stay on track with business objectives and come up with innovative ideas to stay ahead of competitors, Skyline Marketing schedule an internal meeting after each event they have attended. With the updated knowledge and information they take from those business events, Skyline Marketing review their year-to-date performance and determine if they are on track and how to increase performance in order to meet their business goals.

Skyline Marketing is the West Midlands’ leading outsourced sales and marketing firm. The company is based in Birmingham and running campaigns on behalf of their clients. Skyline Marketing have increased customer retention rates by nearly 50 per cent over the past three years. The firm’s vision is to maintain great relationships with customers and clients. “Our unique advantage is the personalised approach we deliver by meeting with customers on a face-to-face basis and having regular conference calls with our client base. Looking at 2015, the direct sales and marketing firm is planning to expand into further UK markets. Expansions into Europe are also under discussion.

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