Skyline Marketing Attend Important Industry Conference in Manchester

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The Birmingham based direct marketing firm attended the event to meet with young entrepreneurs and learn about up and coming business strategies.

On Sunday 14th September managing Director of Skyline Marketing Ltd Jamie Talbot travelled to Manchester to attend a much anticipated industry Conference. The conference, which was attended by industry professionals and entrepreneurs from across the region had been organised to help businesses uncover their hidden potential by sharing new strategies and attending leadership talks.

The weekend event was once again held at ‘Emirates’ Old Trafford in Manchester, a popular venue among sales and marketing professionals. The state of the art venue is well renowned for being one of the UK’s most impressive business conference venues and its facilities have been highly praised, previously winning the venue the Gold Business Tourism Award. The imposing glass fronted building holds spectacular views across the iconic old Trafford cricket pitch, as well as Manchester’s metropolitan skyline. At full capacity the Emirates can cater for up to 1000 attendees, whilst it’s specially designed conference space, ‘The Point’ is a highly functional and adaptable business space that can be transformed to cater for almost any business event.

Managing Director Jamie Talbot travelled to the Manchester event with a selection of representatives and budding entrepreneurs all were keen to gain insights into new strategies concerning recruitment, maximising sales, training, coaching and leadership.

Many young entrepreneurs were invited to the event and Skyline Marketing Ltd were particularly excited to meet with them and help them towards their business goals by sharing their own industry knowledge. The firm are strong believers in entrepreneurship and eager to encourage more young people to consider entrepreneurship as a viable career path.

Skyline marketing Ltd believes it’s incredibly important to regularly attend seminars and meeting such as these in order to give the business the best possible chance of growth. Business is a constant learning experience and Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd believes business owners should be regularly seeking out new approaches to help their business stay relevant and increase productivity. The firm also believe these events are great at inspiring strong leadership among professionals. Great leadership is vital to a business growth as it helps to motivate workers, improve productivity and encourages a positive company culture. By attending these events, young entrepreneurs especially can learn more about what it takes to be an effective leader and take a lot from the experiences of established business leaders.

Skyline marketing Ltd is the West Midland’s leading outsourced direct marketing firm. The firm specialises in personalised face to face marketing solutions and help a wide range of clients build strong relationships with their customer which improves both customer retention and acquisition rates.

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