Skyline Marketing asks ‘What type of salesperson are you?’

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Direct sales and marketing specialists Skyline Marketing discuss the seven personalities of sales people, discovered from a recent study by Ideal Candidate.

Skyline Marketing believes it is important for those wanting to achieve success in sales, to understand what type of sales personality they have. There is an online test available for those looking to quickly establish their sales personality. Selling IQ, a side project from Ideal Candidate, looked at results from 20,000+ Ideal Candidate’s (a job matching site for sales executives) profiles, which includes thousands of top performing salespeople, and thousands of actual interviews, they were able to group salespeople into seven distinct categories. The categories were as follows:

1. The Straight Shooter
2. The Competitor
3. The Achiever
4. The Relationship Builder
5. The Problem Solver
6. The Charmer
7. The Team Player

Skyline Marketing believes that for a sales person to achieve maximum results it is important to understand their sales style. It allows the sales person to develop strategies and analytics to ensure maximum output is being achieved. For development to take place there needs to be a measurable element. Once the element has been established, there is a marker to gauge improvement.

Skyline Marketing is Liverpool’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm. Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales company that has successfully increased revenue since their commencement in 2011. The firm’s rapid growth has seen them named as one of the leaders in the direct sales and marketing industry. Founded in Birmingham, the firm have since expanded into Liverpool, which is emerging as one of the UK’s most successful locations to start a business. Skyline Marketing is outsourced by businesses looking to expand their customer base and increase awareness of their brands.

For those sales people who are looking to maximise their sales output and find out their sales personality, they should take the quiz to take their personal development to the next level. The quiz takes approximately five minutes and offers an instant result. Those looking to find out their sales IQ, just visit Skyline Marketing encourage its sales force to take the test to determine their personal sales IQ. It assists the firm to tailor its training program and approach to mentoring individuals. The firm operates a business development program for its sales force who are looking to learn the essential skills in new business start-up.

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