Skyline Marketing: 5 essential company culture elements candidates expect to see from your brand

Skyline Marketing: 5 essential company culture elements candidates expect to see from your brand
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Building a strong and appealing company culture is fundamental if businesses want to secure top talent over their competitors, explains Skyline Marketing. The firm reviews the 5 core elements every business must have within their company culture.

Businesses build their brands to appeal to consumers and can sometimes overlook their internal brand culture. Skyline Marketing understands the importance of maintaining a positive company culture. Businesses that are able to establish a strong culture are able to attract and maintain strong workers. A company culture is visible at every point of contact and should run through business processes like blood through a vein.

During the recruitment process a candidate will be looking for indicators to determine a company’s culture. Modern job seekers are being enticed by a company’s ability to create a positive and enjoyable workplace that encourages personal development alongside normal working duties. From the first point of contact through to being offered a position, the company’s culture will be factored into a candidate’s overall opinion of the business.

Skyline Marketing share the core elements businesses must demonstrate within their company culture to ensure they entice the top talent:

Leadership – It is important that leaders set an example of how they expect people to behave within the organisation. However, workers need to be given the freedom to choose the company culture as this creates a genuine organic corporate culture.

Communication – Trust is one of the fundamental factors in creating a company culture. Strong, clear and transparent communication needs to be delivered. Workers benefit from understanding the ‘why’ behind their tasks, and by adding purpose to a task, it can boost productivity.

Listening – Employees believe their opinions should be heard and prefer employers who value their input.  Workplaces that encourage input from everyone reportedly benefit from increased morale. Employers who implement changes based on feedback are able to maintain a positive culture much easier than those that don’t.

Commitment ­– Communicating the company brand message will help develop a company culture that will attract like-minded individuals who sympathise and connect with the firm’s ethos.

Hire for Culture Fit and Core Values – Interviewers are in a unique position where questions can be tailored to gauge how suited a candidate is to integrate into their existing culture. Interviewers should be upfront and honest about company values from the offset to build trust.

Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm that specialises in developing personalised, face-to-face direct marketing campaigns that allows them to take their clients’ products and services direct to consumers. Skyline Marketing connects with consumers directly because they believe this to be the most personalised form of communication and the most effective way to create long-lasting and personal connections between brand and consumer.

Skyline Marketing attributes their success to their company culture, as they have built an environment where their contractors can flourish.

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