Skyline Marketing 3 Closing Techniques that actually work

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The closer is the make or break moment in sales, states Skyline Marketing in Liverpool. With so many closing techniques developed over the years, the direct sales and marketing specialists offer their top three closing tips that actually generate results.


Closing. It’s the make or break moment in sales emphasizes Skyline Marketing in Liverpool, Merseyside.  It’s the final verdict that determines whether or not the sales reps’ efforts will amount to a sale. It’s natural to feel slightly apprehensive about the close at first, but if it were not for that feeling of slight anxiousness, there would be no satisfying a thrill upon successful closing a sale. This feeling is what salespeople rely upon for motivation to continually strive for more.


Because sales professionals are expected to generate the best possible win rates for their efforts, a large number of closing sales techniques have been developed over the years. In a recent article on Hub Spot Blogs (5th May 2015), the different closing techniques in sales were discussed and Skyline Marketing have outlined them below.


  1. Canned Closes – The traditional closing sales techniques usually employ some psychological sleight of hand design to give that final nudge.  For example
  • Now or Never – this is where salespeople make an offer that includes a supposedly ‘special’ benefit that prompts immediate purchase e.g. “this is the last one at this price” or “If you commit to buy now, I can fast track you to the front of the implementation queue.”
  • The Summary Close – salespeople who use this closing technique reiterate the items the customer is hopefully purchasing in an effort to get the prospect to sign.


  1. Modern Closing – In a sales engagement, reps should endeavour to a) discover the customer’s needs and b) effectively communicate how specific products or services offer an affordable and satisfactory solution to those needs. If these two requirements are properly achieved, then there should be no barrier to closure and the closing question can be asked directly at their point.


  1. Question Closes – Effective salespeople focus on closing a sale as soon as a conversation with a prospect begins. Through a series of questions, they develop desire in the client and eliminate every objection to purchase.


Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Liverpool.  The firm increase their clients’ market share through innovative and cost effective direct marketing campaigns that work on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. They help reduce the stress of small business owners through their outsource solutions which provide guaranteed results and a high ROI.





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