Scandal: Big Data in the Bad Books Again According to Skyline Marketing Ltd

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Birmingham’s leading outsourced sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing Ltd, highlights how online marketing puts consumer information at risk, following the re-emergence of the Heartbleed bug.

The recent personal data fail has encouraged Skyline Marketing Ltd to voice their concerns on storing personal data online and how consumers can prepare for this sort of disclosure. For those unfamiliar with the Heartbleed scandal, Business Insider highlights the damage caused by the computer bug in their article, ‘Here’s how to Protect Yourself from the Massive Security Flaw That’s Taken Over the Internet’ (Published on 8 April 2014). Business Insider reports of the security flaw in OpenSSL, which has enabled hackers who are aware of it the ability to extract huge amounts of data from the digital services consumers use every day. With the assumption that sites like Facebook and Gmail are secure, millions of consumers shared their concerns on online marketing and how they have felt betrayed by global brands.

However, managing director Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd encourages consumers to remember that it is not the brands’ fault for making confidential information public. He says, “Mistakes happen, that’s life! Whether it’s human error or a breakdown in software, it’s unrealistic to think that data will be 100% safe. I do however stress that businesses need to be very clear on how data is stored, who has access to it and what sort of strategies are in place to protect people.”

Skyline Marketing Ltd claims the firm specialises in direct marketing campaigns, to avoid personal data being leaked by digital hackers. By using direct marketing, Skyline Marketing Ltd can speak to the clients’ customers in-person and secure sales without the need for collecting and storing confidential details online. Skyline Marketing Ltd urges more businesses to implement direct marketing strategies into their business models to reduce the amount of personal data being vulnerable to hackers. Businesses who can tell their customers that their confidential information is safe are more likely to see an increase in customer loyalty and consumer confidence when dealing with their brand.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham, West Midlands. The direct marketing firm offers clients a cost-effective route into market, particularly those in the entertainment and gaming industries. The firm’s rapid growth since launching in 2011 has seen them to be name on of the leaders in the direct sales and marketing sector.



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