How Procrastination Impacts Small Businesses According to Skyline Marketing Ltd

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Birmingham-based Skyline Marketing Ltd highlights the cost of procrastination to small businesses in response to new research outlining their reluctance to evolve with change.

Procrastination hinders business growth, claims Jamie Talbot, the managing director of outsourced sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd. As a small business, Skyline Marketing express how they have the policies in place that allows them to implement changes quickly to remain consistent with industry trends. It has been their quick response to the changing economic conditions over the last few years that has kept them ahead of competitors.

Having played such an essential role to their success, Skyline Marketing Ltd is urging other small businesses to update their policies in response to change. Skyline Marketing Ltd believes there are far too many businesses who are procrastinating about making this change, which is costing their business money. Skyline Marketing Ltd reveals the most common times business owners procrastinate is when tasks seem too overwhelming, too complex or not engaging enough. Business Coaching Insights claims, “Self-discipline is one of the most important success factors for small businesses to thrive” ( Skyline Marketing Ltd agrees with this statement, and express how procrastinating about such tasks restricts business development. Reduced efficiency, roadblocks, damaged reputation and missed opportunities are all effects of procrastination which small businesses can easily avoid.

Skyline Marketing Ltd therefore urge small business owners and entrepreneurs to become more disciplined and proactive with their business model and make the effort to implement new strategies. With industry and economy changing all the time, Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd claims even the smallest change can make a difference. By avoiding procrastination and updating policies to remain consistent with the industry it will contribute to business growth.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is an outsourced sales and marketing firm located in Birmingham’s city centre. The firm’s direct marketing campaigns offers clients a cost-effective route into market, specialising within the gaming and entertainment industries. Skyline Marketing Ltd’s goal is to be the largest and most effective customer acquisition firm in the UK and to expand internationally by the end of the year. Jamie Talbot, the managing director of Skyline Marketing Ltd claims that procrastination is not going to help them achieve this goal. The firm hopes more small businesses will follow their advice and become more proactive when it comes to responding to industry changes.



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