Negative Economic Reports Attacked by Skyline Marketing Ltd

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As Britain’s ‘stagnant economy’ makes headlines again, outsourced sales and marketing company Skyline Marketing Ltd push back and highlight the many positives Britain has experienced.

Birmingham-based firm, Skyline Marketing Ltd have been angered by the on-going negative reports in newspapers about the UK’s economic conditions. ‘I for one am sick of reading about negative conditions. I don’t believe we are in a dire situation, there are plenty of reports to back the positive outlook we should have for our nation,’ claims Jamie Talbot, Managing Director of Skyline Marketing Ltd.

The European Commission more than doubles its growth forecast for the UK, saying the outlook has improved “substantially” over the past six months. Skyline Marketing Ltd highlight the EC report reveals the economy has grown by 1.3pc in 2013, compared with a forecast of just 0.6pc in April. It also expects growth of 2.2pc in 2014, compared with its spring forecast of 1.7pc.

The upward revision was the largest percentage point increase among the European Union’s 28 member states, and means Britain is now forecast to expand faster than Germany – which is predicted to grow by 0.5pc in 2013 and 1.7pc in 2014 – over the next two years.

Skyline Marketing Ltd understand the past few years have been difficult for many people and businesses but are strong advocates of positive thinking. This mentality certainly seems to have positively contributed to the companies bottom line. Skyline Marketing Ltd reported growth every quarter of 2013 and suggest next year looks even brighter.

Times are changing and as the economy emerges from its period of sackcloth and ashes it will bring with it a great deal of new wealth. With it the profile of success and its exposure within society will change according to Entrepreneur, Michael Hayman.

‘I agree with Mr Hayman,’ says Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd. ‘I believe the general public are more optimistic than many of the reports we read via the media. Spending across the board is increasing and we will see a boom of wealth in the near future,’ adds Jamie Talbot.

Deutsche Bank recently announced it would be doubling its presence in the centre of Birmingham. From its current staff of 1,000, the German investment bank said it would be hiring an additional 1,000 by the summer of 2014. Rather than the type of back office some banks place in the UK regions, these will be well-paid, front office roles on its new trading floor at the city’s Brindley Place complex, as well jobs as in sales, research and structuring.

“As our economy recovers, all hard-working people have got to share in the success,” the Prime Minister, David Cameron said, pointing to the creation of 110,000 private sector jobs in the county in the past three years as a sign that “our country is turning a corner”.

Skyline Marketing Ltd call for more businesses to stand up and promote the positives being experienced in todays economy.

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