Merge Sales and Marketing Functions to Stay Competitive, says Skyline Marketing Ltd

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Birmingham-based sales and marketing firm Skyline Marketing Ltd states that the reason their services are in such high demand is because of their unique sales and marketing strategy – “we work as one” claims MD Jamie Talbot. Demand for higher ROI in marketing is increasing and Skyline Marketing Ltd believe the only way to ensure productivity is to merge sales and marketing functions which they claim improves effectiveness and generates more sales.

Skyline Marketing Ltd works with businesses from the telecommunications, energy, non-profit, cosmetic and energy sectors in order to increase their brand awareness and customer acquisition rates. Managing director Jamie Talbot reports that from very early stages it was apparent that both marketing and sales would have to work as one department in order to maximize productivity. “Clients were concerned that the division of marketing and sales departments meant that there was a lack of communication and a misunderstanding of each department’s responsibilities. This can cause delays and confusion in the customer acquisition funnel, potentially losing customers in the process. Merging marketing and promotional activity with sales means no blame can be passed back and forth between teams as to who is responsible for ROI.” Hubspot states that communication between marketing and sales is essential to maintaining a healthy sales funnel, while a report from demonstrates that two-thirds of buyers are influenced by communications from both marketing and sales teams.

The Chartered Institute of Marketing has been calling for a revision of how marketing and sales functions operate for over two years. The CIM report, published in December 2011, predicts that separate marketing and sales departments will cease to exist within the next decade, and that companies which fail to merge the two departments will risk damage to bottom line growth. Skyline Marketing Ltd managing director Jamie Talbot believes that the merging of sales and marketing functions allows for greater flexibility to dealing with customers’ needs. “Because marketing and sales are part of the same process, we have a greater ability to respond to the customer’s needs – if the customer is interested early on in the process, we can generate the sale efficiently without losing impulse; if the customer requires more time we can spend longer nurturing that lead.” Skyline Marketing Ltd predicts that although the UK economy is expected to grow by 2.7% this year, the economic stagnation of recent years will have an impact on the development of sales and marketing teams for years to come. “Businesses will be used to austerity and as such will look to strip any procedures that are inefficient. A merged marketing and sales department can provide a more streamlined and cost-effective alternative, and we expect this to become a growing trend over the next 3-5 years,” says Jamie Talbot, managing director of Skyline Marketing Ltd.

Skyline Marketing Ltd specializes in business-to-consumer marketing and customer acquisitions. Based in the West Midlands, the firm aims to expand to new markets by the end of 2014.

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