Is Marketing Immoral? Skyline Marketing Review Critical Opinions

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Marketing techniques vary from interactive, engaging and amusing forms of advertising to what some consumers consider ‘brainwashing’ , Skyline Marketing outline the reasons why their direct marketing approach has avoided these critical opinions from customers and businesses.

Marketing creates an illusion of a perfect world.  Claiming that a person’s world can be made perfect by purchasing a brands product or services is reviewed by some as deceptive.  Although the majority of criticism surrounds the marketing of children’s toys or products, Skyline Marketing hope to defend the industry and provide advice on how direct marketing can be an effective channel for avoiding controversy.

Consumers are surrounded by marketing messages almost every second of the day.  Some estimates claim that people are exposed to about 2000 marketing messages every day; from reading the name of a brand on a cereal box to advertising in magazines and on TV. Marketing has an enormous influence on contemporary culture which has spawned a lot of criticism.

The relationship between marketers and consumers is complex and if not treated correctly, marketing can be criticized.  Skyline Marketing, an outsourced sales and marketing firm based in Birmingham uses direct marketing campaigns that involve face to face presentations that delivers the clients message and achieves their goals.  At Skyline Marketing, the firm believes that communicating with customers on a face to face basis delivers the greatest impact and a strong marketing message.

Marketing is widely observed as the key objective of any organisation.  The primary aim of any marketing strategy is to produce a fulfilled relationship with the customer in terms of the satisfaction level. Skyline Marketing use direct marketing strategies to boost sales figure for their clients.  Direct Marketing is cost effective for clients and at the same time, gains sales at a faster rate than any other form of marketing.  Direct marketing includes tangible offers – this provides customers with a sense of urgency to respond within a certain period of time, allowing clients to keep better tabs on campaigns and see results faster.

And unlike advertising, face to face direct marketing firms such as Skyline Marketing receive instant feedback on the product or service being marketed. Skyline Marketing can then invest this feedback straight back into improving the quality of the service that they provide for their clients to ensure the generation of quality leads, customer retention rates and overall sales figures are maintained at a high level.

Skyline Marketing Ltd is an outsourced sales company that has successfully increased revenue since their establishment in 2011. The firm’s rapid growth has seen them named one of the leaders in the direct sales and marketing industries. Their head office is in Birmingham’s city centre which is emerging as one of the UK’s most successful locations to start a business. Skyline Marketing Ltd is outsourced by business looking to expand their customer base and increase awareness of their brands.

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