Jamie Talbot Speaks on Business Development at Manchester Leadership Conference

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Jamie Talbot is thrilled to speak at the Manchester Leadership Conference, being held at The Palace Hotel on the 16th of June.

The Hotel houses a total of 15 conference and function rooms with the Grand Room playing host to a number of large scale high profile events. The convention is hosting up to 1000 attendees and is aiming to supply people with the knowledge needed to improve their leadership skills. He recently returned from Poland where he was a keynote speaker at an Entrepreneur Meeting held in Katowice. “I always look forward to speaking at conferences that focus around leadership topics and do believe it plays a large part in any accomplished business, even from the smallest firms to the biggest. It will be exciting to see the turn out and know that I could possibly help someone realise their potential.” says Jamie Talbot. Jamie Talbot hopes his efforts in nurturing the education of entrepreneurship will encourage individuals attending in further developing their small businesses.

One of several speakers, Jamie Talbot’s presentation will demonstrate how a business can grow from leadership. “People’s behaviour can be influenced by leadership and can improve production, triumph over resistance and change the direction it is heading, all which can determine the highs and lows of a company’s success. Poor leadership can destroy a great business so it is vital to have the right skills in place before endeavouring to start up a company. The goal of this conference is to deliver educational advice on leadership and determining the impact it can have in the business world.” says Jamie Talbot.

Jamie Talbot, an entrepreneur and business professional started his business in Birmingham at the age of 22. Jamie Talbot is dedicated to working with individuals on hands-on business growth and helping people to create their own opportunities. Through his mentoring Jamie Talbot has had the opportunity to run coaching seminars and speak on a regular basis at sales and business development conferences which are leading him to being recognised as an industry trailblazer in the outsourced sales field. The Manchester Leadership Conference will host mostly self-employed individuals or people looking to start small businesses within the next 12 months and are encouraged to further attend interactive workshops and panel discussions.

Skyline Marketing is an outsourced sales and marketing company working with a variety of clients. Their purpose is to provide opportunity through their training programs for individuals who want to grow both personally and professionally.

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