Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd Supports West Midlands Small Businesses to be Given Funding

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It is not easy for young people to start a business once the funds and advice needed are considered. Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing Ltd is excited about the newly introduced small business funding scheme which is expected to help boost the economy.

The Business Development Programme launched by the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP will provide match grant funding of up to £15,000 for eligible SME businesses who have plans to expand and create jobs. The programme has received £3.9 million from the European Regional Development Fund  which will be matched by Birmingham City Council the Greater Birmingham & Solihull LEP local authorities and participating SME businesses. Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing ltd is excited there will also be assistance in the form of coaching and mentoring for SMEs that can demonstrate growth potential.

Jamie Talbot, Managing Director at Skyline Marketing, believes that the scheme is a great opportunity for young and ambitious people to hit the ground running with their own business idea. He states: “This scheme is exactly what our economy needs.” Jamie Talbot continues: “There are many young people with a great business mind and creative ideas but they are not confident or able to go the next step and set up their own business due to the lack of funds or support. It is so crucial to assist young people on their way to becoming an entrepreneur.”

Jamie Talbot supports former Conservative minister Lord Young Graffham’s statement that small businesses “are the engine room of our economy.” Lord Young explains that this start-up scheme is “more than money.” He continues that young people are getting mentors together with the funds. Paul Heaven, board director with lead responsibility for business support and access to finance, said: “Challenges accessing finance from traditional sources is a frustration for many successful businesses and, through the Business Development Programme, we can help companies right across the LEP area

“Becoming a young entrepreneur is not just about the financial side”, says Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing Ltd. “Many young people are scared that they don’t know how to use the money effectively as they don’t have much experience at that stage.”

Entrepreneur Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing, who started his own business in 2011, continues: “I was lucky to have a lot of support when I first started my own company. There are many challenges to overcome when someone decides to go down the entrepreneurial path; however the independence that comes with it, is worth every single experience I have made in the past year.”

Jamie Talbot at Skyline Marketing summarises how important it was for him to have a mentor on his side and states that the small business funding scheme is ideal for rising entrepreneurs. “This new start-up scheme has both: the relevant funds needed to start a new business and most importantly the advice from successful entrepreneurs that comes with it. What a great opportunity!”


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