Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd Suggests Sports Assist in Developing Entrepreneurial Skills

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Jamie Talbot, entrepreneur and business owner of Skyline Marketing Ltd, suggests attributes developed through team sports or athletics contribute to the success of many businesses.

Harvard Business School conducted a study of 30 graduates who have become successful entrepreneurs and found almost 96% had played individual or team sports in their youth. Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing Ltd has coached many up and coming entrepreneurs, whilst running a successful business. Jamie Talbot believes many attributes leading to the success of many of these ventures can be attributed to skills developed through sports.

Jamie Talbot Managing Director of Skyline Marketing Ltd graduated with a BA in Business Management at the Lancaster University Management School and has played Football throughout his life. “I strongly believe my sporting background combined with the Business Management degree, assisted with building my confidence and pursuit of excellence, developing a strong work ethic and assisted with my ability to set goals. All of which have proved extremely relevant in business and the development of my company,” says Jamie Talbot.

Many sports and athletic skills such as teamwork, goal-setting, developing strategy and driving competition can assist with creating ambition and produce an entrepreneurial spirit. “Being a successful entrepreneur and developing a winning business model requires a person who is decisive and level headed which tends to be a skill that is developed through life experiences like working in a fast paced high-pressure business environment or out on a football pitch where every second counts,” adds Jamie Talbot.

James Shulman, author of The Game of Life: College Sport and Educational Values, considers many sporting attributes throughout his book and their transition into business. Jamie Talbot deems a quality regarded as a characteristic of an entrepreneur wanting their business to succeed is passion. “Having hunger for success and loving what you do is so important for the success of a business. I love sports, I’m competitive but fair and have taken every opportunity to use my sports attributes in business wherever possible,” says Jamie Talbot.

Jamie Talbot has had much success as an entrepreneur; he has grown his organisation through one of the toughest economic climates in recent years and credit’s much of the success to perseverance, the ability to adapt to change and using his many skills developed from team sports.

Jamie Talbot is dedicated to fostering greater education in entrepreneurship and plans to offer further business development opportunities.

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