What does Skyline Marketing Ltd do?
We create a network for our clients to sell and market their products and services to consumers.

Which industries/companies does Skyline Marketing Ltd work with?
We do not want to limit ourselves to a certain sector. Entertainment is one of the largest and most exciting industries in the world so we put a large focus on that due to its diversity.

What do you attribute Skyline Marketing Ltd’s growth to?
Personalising a marketing approach, increasing our market reach by 518% (in the last 12 months), and our commitment to guarantee an average return on investment of 9.6% for our clients.

I am considering working in direct marketing and sales, what core skills do I need?
Qualities such as honesty, integrity, reliability, student mentality, and work ethic are important. At Skyline Marketing Ltd, we feel these characteristics are key to having a successful career.

What should I know about the industry before I decide to pursue an opportunity in direct sales and marketing?
It is full of highly driven, motivated, ambitious, and hard-working people. It is definitely a fast-paced business where no two days are the same.

As a company what impact does Skyline Marketing Ltd have on a business' brand image?
Our company helps our clients relate to their customers on a personal basis.

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