Busy? Always find time to be a good boss says Skyline Marketing

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The key to being a great boss is to never lose sight of what workers are going through, explains MD Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing in Liverpool.

Skyline Marketing prides itself on the company culture they have created in their Liverpool office. The firm pledge to provide a structured environment that encourages innovation and development for both clients and contractors. The firm believes that the culture is created at the management level and it is through careful and conscious monitoring that the culture is able to be maintained and transferred throughout the company.

The firm takes pride in their ability to take out individual time to allow workers the opportunity to discuss their concerns, achievements and ideas. The goal is to ensure each team member feels their opinion and input is valued and that there is always an open door policy within the office.

Skyline Marketing believes that all companies can benefit from creating a positive working environment and offer tips on how to achieve this:

1. Thoroughly Read Your Emails. In small businesses there is minimal hierarchy and this means that workers can report directly to the CEO. This can be daunting at times and can cause unnecessary stress in the workplace. Skyline Marketing believe that although emails were designed as a quick communication method, it does not mean that they are designed to lack attention and believe it is good practice to set aside time to dedicate attention to reading and responding to emails.

2. Take The Time To Talk. It is important to address any incidents that occur in a timely manner that allows communication with the relevant parties to occur before any unnecessary confusion occurs and creates a poor atmosphere or any bad feelings. Skyline Marketing advises important matters be addressed within 48 hours, to avoid any insecurities that may lead to a decrease in performance and/or productivity. It is also important to demonstrate appreciation and praise to encourage positive traits.

3. Deliver The Support Your Team Needs. To be an effective leader it requires the ability to identify when an individual or team is struggling and then to offer guidance personally or offer a solution. With online resources being readily available it can come in the form of an online course or a webinar. Skyline Marketing often run conference calls with experts in their field to keep sales representatives abreast of the market.

4. Get Down In The Trenches With Your Team. As a business grows it is important to keep intune with the day-to-day running of the business and daily procedures. Skyline Marketing believes it is important for leaders to be able to identify any areas of attention before they become issues in business. Also a good leader leads through example and it is important for those around to observe how the leader wants things to happen.

5. Acknowledge When You’ve Been A Jerk. Skyline Marketing believes it is important for company morale and respect for leaders to acknowledge mistakes and to apologise when necessary. It will encourage accountability from fellow colleagues too.

Skyline Marketing is an innovative sales and event marketing firm that helps some of the UK’s leading brands to forge stronger customer relationships and increase brand loyalty. Through face-to-face customer interactions at retail events and shopping venues the firm takes the time to understand each customer’s individual needs and preferences and works with their clients to deliver a product or service that best suits these unique requirements.


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