Businesses Affected by Failing Currencies Offered Solution by Skyline Marketing Ltd

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Birmingham-based outsourced sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing Ltd, continues to drive business forward for a host of companies impacted by struggling currencies.

Like the ‘current climate’ cliché, the economy is now being faced with ‘collapsing currencies’, resulting from the flow of investment into promising emerging markets that didn’t pay off. It’s always an uphill battle for emerging businesses to find their feet in a busy marketplace, and established businesses are also being affected by this latest collapse, with many seeing a significant decrease in profits.

Companies are now looking to reduce unnecessary expenditure wherever possible to limit this potentially crippling financial strain. Skyline Marketing Ltd offers a solution to businesses that can save money by utilising their expertise; as specialists in sales and marketing, their sales force are able to deliver a high quality, paid-on-results field marketing service, allowing business owners to focus more on the daily running of their businesses. Skyline Marketing Ltd’s direct approach to marketing aims to increase customer acquisition rates, whilst expanding brand awareness and improving overall customer service.

Skyline Marketing Ltd’s Managing Director, Jamie Talbot, believes that outsourcing to local experts is a viable and attractive option for many companies:

“Outsourcing locally to a business like ours offers many advantages over ‘offshoring’. Some of the issues businesses are facing due to failing international currencies could be avoided by utilising the many UK companies that offer similar services on a local level.”

This philosophy is supported by Yahoo contributor, Rod Little. In his article, First Person: Small Businesses Can Benefit from Outsourcing Locally, Little offers that outsourcing in this way can provide ‘access to experts in specific fields, for small money’. This approach would certainly free up pockets of valuable time to be used on other areas of business, without committing to expensive ongoing costs. Important tasks including web design, PR and marketing require a great deal of expertise which managers rarely have the time to learn.

Of course, if there is an ongoing requirement for a particular role it may be a more practical solution to employ a permanent member of staff in this field. However, as this isn’t always a sustainable strategy, it makes economic sense to outsource certain tasks to avoid expensive and time-consuming alternatives. As Little concludes, if a job is  ‘too time consuming, or you lack the expertise, then outsource it [and] only hire staff for the job if it’s a recurring full-time task’.

Skyline Marketing Ltd provides this solution for businesses in need of an effective sales and marketing campaign, by delivering a professional service that is tailored to meet specific client needs.  By placing high emphasis on the promotion of individual brand values, Jamie Talbot’s firm has become an effective source of sales for a host of clients across the UK, helping to build lasting business relationships in a difficult market.

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