Birmingham Based Skyline Marketing Ltd Claim Exceptional Company Culture Leads to Success

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Skyline Marketing claim their competitive advantage within the competitive outsourced sales market is their corporate culture which makes them a truly sustainable business.

At Software-as-a-Service provider iCIMS, CEO Colin Day has created a culture that’s not so worried about ensuring everyone in the company is content but instead making the best employees happy. “Everyone wants to be on a team where people do their work and like, maybe even love, their job,” says Day. He adds ,”The company also works hard at recognising valuable employees, albeit in their own quirky ways. The sales department has a ship bell that staff members ring every time they sign a new customer, while the research and development department has a gong that’s hit when the team completes a feature for an upcoming release or product.”

Understanding what culture is and then implementing it with a tangible plan is essential to make the greatest corporate culture. Skyline Marketing argue the only way to stay afloat is to define a culture that no other business can compete with. “It often seems just as we get one step ahead of the competition they have initiated the same practices that gave us that advantage; we have to come up with a new way to stand out from the crowd. One thing I believe gives us that point of difference is our culture. No other business will ever match our attitudes, our behaviours, the relationships we have, even implementing the same values will not give them the same corporate culture that we have as it is our own. says Jamie Talbot.

Over time many successful businesses get frustrated with their competitors that copy almost everything they do. A survey by Deloitte claims that 94% of executives and 88% of employees believe a distinct workplace culture is important to business success.

Skyline Marketing claims corporate culture can excel or destroy a business. The way people act or make decisions, how they communicate, the manner and regularity of that communication, the approach to learning new skills or taking risks and how people feel about the identity of the business all make an impact on the company’s culture. “The company culture has to be right. Each individual contributes to the business is going to be influenced by the culture. Positive and negative qualities can influence the company culture but a balance of the both is where the culture changes for the better.” adds Jamie Talbot of Skyline Marketing.

A company culture is aligned with the companies goals; as it grows it must evolve and change along with the company. Skyline Marketing say this sort of corporate culture allows for outstanding performance and gives them the competitive edge needed in the outsourced sales industry.

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