5 Reasons Birmingham Could Help Skyline Marketing Improve Business Exposure

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Outsourced marketing and sales company Skyline Marketing announces that Birmingham’s connections with national and international markets, coupled with its close community environment will help improve their brand exposure and generate more business for their client.

1.      The Region Has a Positive Outlook

Marketing Birmingham’s Regional Observatory has reported that two-thirds of Birmingham SMEs expect to increase their profits and turnover in the next 12 months, and a third of businesses in the international market anticipate export sales to increase. Skyline Marketing reports that Birmingham is also seeing a rapid growth in the leisure and tourism industry. Booking agent Expedia disclosed last month that Birmingham was the fastest-growing travel destination for Christmas 2013, with an increase of 118% on holiday bookings from 2012. “Birmingham is a fantastic city to live and do business, so it comes as no surprise to that the area is seeing such positive growth. We can only expect to see this trajectory continue over the next few years,” says Jamie Talbot, managing director of Skyline Marketing.


2.      Close Community Network

Although Birmingham is the UK’s 2nd largest city, Skyline Marketing reveals that the city has a close community feel. “Visitors to Birmingham often comment on how friendly the city is, especially in comparison with London,” says Jamie Talbot, managing director of Skyline Marketing. “I feel that in Birmingham the balance is right between having the vibrancy of a big city without losing the community aspect.” Direct sales and marketing company Skyline Marketing reports that the benefits of face to face communications in business include the ability to build rapport and personalise the sales process to the individual. “People do business with those they know, like and trust, and as we tend to use Birmingham-based suppliers and contractors we can tap into that community network,” says Skyline Marketing MD Jamie Talbot.


3.      Skyline Marketing plan to maintain strong connection to local economy

Skyline Marketing believes that the use of locally-sourced suppliers and contractors will also benefit the local economy. This includes taxes being reinvested into the local economy, and the opportunity for entrepreneurial-minded residents to gain experience and skills through Skyline Marketing’s business development programme. Jamie Talbot, managing director of Skyline Marketing, believes that the strongest asset for a company retaining its local roots is the development of a loyal customer base. “It costs on average ten times more money to recruit a new customer than to retain an existing one, so by maintaining customer loyalty we are providing value to our clients, so ensuring our continued success.”


4.      Improved Transport Links

Skyline Marketing anticipates that Birmingham’s improved transport links will bring the city more business and tourism, on a national and international scale. This spring, Birmingham airport will run twice-weekly flights to New York and Dhaka. Additionally, the proposed HS2 high-speed rail network will enable travel between Birmingham and London in less than an hour, opening up travel, networking, and business opportunities between the two cities.


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5.      Birmingham is Marketed as a Great Place to Live and Work 

Skyline Marketing reports that Birmingham is a hub of talent and diversity. The Birmingham Toolkit reports that Birmingham hosts 200,000 conferences and 320 exhibitions annually through the National Exhibition Centre and the International Convention Centre. Birmingham is also the youngest city in Europe, with 40% of the population under the age of 25. “As a resident of Birmingham, I find that the youth and cultural diversity of the city to be a great bonus in creating a thriving business environment full of new ideas and perspectives,” says Jamie Talbot, managing director of Skyline Marketing.



Skyline Marketing is Birmingham’s premier outsourced sales and marketing company, working with clients in the media, charity, energy and telecommunications sectors.

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