Skyline Marketing: Focus and discipline will stop you from throwing away your New Year’s Resolutions

Skyline Marketing - focus and discipline
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Sales and marketing agency, Skyline Marketing believes that focus and discipline are a person’s key tools for sticking to their New Year’s resolutions.

With the onset of any New Year comes an influx of New Year’s resolutions that people try their absolute best to stick at for as long as possible. However, most people give up on their resolutions by the 15th of January. Skyline Marketing has been sharing their top tips about focus and discipline with their contractors daily. Through methods such as regular morning meetings and team nights, the firm can teach and show how these attributes are beneficial to everyone.

Focus and discipline are essential to the success and achievement of any goal that a person sets. As well as having to set milestones and remember the purpose for the goal, it is key for an individual to be able to focus on exactly what it is they want, and in times of struggle or even doubt, be able to find it inside to continue driving themselves to achieve their goal.

Skyline Marketing has shared the difference between instant and delayed gratification to explain how focus and discipline can be frustrating but overall, can be highly beneficial to achieving those goals and dreams that everyone sets. The firm has discussed what each term means.

Instant Gratification.

Managing director, Jamie Talbot, explains, “This is when you reward yourself for an achievement. It might not be anything significant, but you have done well in work, so you divulge in that guilty pleasure, or buy that shirt you’ve had your eye on.” Most people will find that through methods such as social media platforms, they are told that they need a particular product or service to be happy. This is the sort of message that will lead to instant gratification.

Delayed Gratification.

A much healthier and longer lasting method of receiving gratification. Instead of having regular instant gratification, delaying this means that a person will be putting off the opposing to wait for something more rewarding or something more enjoyable. The commonly used explanation of this is an experiment during which an individual is given a treat and told they could eat this, however, if they wait they will get a better treat. One is more pleasurable than the other but also requires more focus and discipline.

Focusing on the reason behind something, the ‘why’ or purpose of the goal is what Skyline Marketing believe will be a large driving factor in achieving the goals that a person has set for themselves. Some will get lost in the act and forget why they were on that path in the first place, and these are the people that will struggle to achieve what it is they set out to achieve. Focus, discipline and patience will allow people to continue to thrive for the final ending.

Based in Liverpool, sales and marketing firm, Skyline Marketing offers clients a unique and personalised solution to improving customer acquisition and brand awareness. The firm aim to expand their market reach and expand their client portfolio and can set such targets due to their ongoing success within the industry.




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